Sunflowers Peredovik Organic Certified


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Peredovik Organic sunflower seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! This Russian HEIRLOOM cultivar produces the black oil seed used for making sunflower oil and is the very top choice for feeding birds. Plants average one big head with few side branches. The birds will tell you when the small, oil-rich seeds are ripe! Black oil sunflower seeds for organic growing. Plant Peredovik organic sunflower seeds in and around your squash and pumpkin plants to lure pollinators to the area and you will get increased fruit set and larger harvests. Peredovik grows to a height of 1.5-2m (5-6′).

  • Annual
  • Produces sunflower oil
  • One big head
  • Height to 2m (6′)
  • Feed the birds