Hops Common (Green)

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Humulus lupulus

Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Prefers moist, rich soils, but has some tolerance for drought. This vine is dioecious (separate male and female plants), so some male plants are needed (if seed is desired) in order for the female plants to produce seed. Plants die to the ground each winter, but perennial roots survive to send up new growth each spring. Stems may be pruned to the ground in autumn after a hard frost. Propagate by cuttings of runners emanating from the crown.

Commonly known as common hops, is a dioecious, rhizomatous, twining perennial vine that is grown commercially for harvest of female fruits which are used by breweries to preserve and flavor beer. This vine is native to Europe, southwestern Asia and North America.  Common hop grows rapidly each year to 15-20′ long on rough stems clad with lobed leaves. Yellow-green male flowers bloom in catkins. Female flowers and subsequent seeds are born in cone-like structures (strobiles) which mature in late summer to early fall. Strobiles are typically collected in September-October with the seeds dried for use in the manufacture of beer. Flowers emit a pine-like fragrance and are attractive to butterflies.

Flower and foliage Colors: white with green in summer, no fall colour.

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