Tree and Shrub Availability

Tree Availability

Assiniboine Poplar7 Gal109.993
Autumn Brilliance Saskatoon10 Gal149.993
Baby Blue Spruce10 Gal Bron149.992
Baby Blue Spruce15 Gal199.993
Black Hawk Mountain Ash10 Gal149.993
Black Hills Spruce10 Gal149.994
Casino Apricot (White)7 Gal109.992
Combo Apple7 Gal109.993
Dolgo Crabapple7 Gal109.993
Dwarf Korean Lilac T.G.10 Gal149.992
Early Gold Pear7 Gal109.993
Foothills Green Ash10 Gal149.995
French Blue Scotch Pine pom pom 5 gal5 Gal199.992
Golden Spice Pear7 Gal109.994
Greenspire Linden10 Gal149.992
Honey Crisp Apple7 Gal109.992
Hot Wings Maple10 Gal149.993
Ivory Silk Lilac10 Gal Bron109.993
Japanese Tree Lilac10 gal149.993
Laurel Leaf Willow7 Gal109.996
Mayday10 Gal149.992
Mountain Pine5 Gal Bron79.995
Northern Select Paper Birch10 Gal149.992
Paper Birch 10 Gal10 Gal149.992
Parkland Pillar Birch10 Gal149.997
Prairie Skyrise Trembling Aspen2 Gal Bron29.9913
Princess Kay Plum7 Gal109.992
September Ruby Apple7 Gal109.992
Silver Cloud Maple15 Gal Bron199.994
Snowbird Hawthorn10 Gal149.993
Sutherland Caragana7 Gal109.993
Swedish Aspen15 Gal199.994
Swedish Aspen7 Gal109.994
Swedish Aspen5 Gal79.9913
Thunderchild Ornamental Crab (Pink)10 Gal149.993
Walker Caragana10 Gal149.994
Weeping Caragana Topgraft5 Gal79.995
Wichita Blue Juniper10 Gal149.995
Zestar Apple7 Gal109.993
Abbotswood Potentilla2 Gal24.995
Alpine Currant5 Gal39.992
Alpine Currant2 Gal Bron24.9910
Amber Jubilee Ninebark2 Gal Bron29.995
Annabelle Hydrangea5 Gal39.9919
Annabelle Hydrangea2 Gal29.9926
Arcadia Juniper2 Gal29.997
Arctic Fire Dogwood2 Gal24.994
Aronis Low Scape Mound Chokeberry2 Gal Bron24.996
Aronis Low Scape Mound Chokeberry2 Gal24.999
Autumn Bliss Raspberry1 Gal Bron14.9939
Bailey Compact CranberryLinnaea 5 Gal39.994
Beauty of Moscow French Lilac2 Gal29.9910
Berry Blue Honeyberry (Cream)2 Gal24.994
Blizzard Mockorange2 Gal24.993
Bloomerang Dwarf Lilac (Purple)2 Gal29.994
Blue Belle Honeyberry2 Gal24.992
Blue Chip Juniper5 Gal44.992
Blue Danube Juniper2 Gal29.992
Blue Rug Juniper2 Gal29.993
Buds Yellow Dogwood2 Gal24.993
Calgary Carpet Juniper2 Gal29.995
Calgary Carpet Juniper2 Gal Bron29.997
Calgary Carpet Juniper5 Gal Bron44.998
Center Glow Ninebark2 Gal29.994
Charisma Preston Lilac2 Gal24.9910
Cinderella Honeyberry2 Gal24.992
Combo Honey Berry2 Gal29.992
Common Caragana2 Gal24.993
Common Lilac5 Gal39.994
Concorde Barberry (Purple)2 Gal29.9928
Coronation Triumph Potentilla2 Gal24.999
Cotoneaster1 Gal Bron9.9923
Creeping Cotoneaster2 Gal24.9920
Dappled French Lilac2 Gal29.994
Darts Gold Ninebark2 Gal29.995
Diablo Ninebark2 Gal29.996
Diablo Ninebark2 Gal Bron29.9914
Dwarf Mugo Pine2 Gal29.997
Fairy Queen Spirea2 Gal24.998
Galahad Mockorange2 Gal24.992
Gold Coast Juniper2 Gal29.995
Gold Drop Potentilla2 Gal24.996
Golden Elder2 Gal24.993
Golden Locks Elder2 Gal29.995
Goldfinger Potentilla2 Gal24.997
Goldflame Spirea2 Gal14.996
Goldmound Spirea2 Gal Bron24.996
Goldmound Spirea2 Gal24.999
Gooseberry2 Gal24.995
Honey Rose Honeysuckle2 Gal24.992
Hughes Juniper2 Gal29.997
Hughes Juniper2 Gal Bron29.998
Ivory Halo Dogwood2 Gal Bron24.994
Ivory Halo Dogwood2 Gal24.9916
Juliet Cherry2 Gal29.992
Lemony Lace Elderberry2 Gal Bron29.993
Limelight Hydrangea5 Gal Bron39.995
Little Princess Spirea2 Gal Bron24.9910
Magic Berry Coralberry2 Gal24.993
Magic Carpet Spirea2 Gal24.993
Minnesota Snowflake Mock orange2 Gal24.993
Miss Canada Preston Lilac2 Gal24.998
Miss Kim Lilac5 Gal39.994
Miss Kim Lilac2 Gal29.995
Mugo Pine2 Gal29.993
Northcountry Blueberry1 Gal14.992
Northcountry Blueberry1 Gal Bron14.999
Northern Gold Forsythia2 Gal24.993
Northsky Blueberry1 Gal Bron14.998
Peegee Hydrangea5 Gal Bron39.999
Peegee Hydrangea2 Gal Bron29.9910
Pink Beauty Potentilla2 Gal24.993
Pinky Winky Hydrangea Pale Pink2 Gal Bron29.998
Pinky Winky Hydrangea Pale Pink2 Gal29.999
Prince of Wales JuniperBron 5 Gal44.993
Purple Leaf Sandcherry2 Gal29.9911
Pussy Willow2 Gal24.999
Pygmy Caragana2 Gal24.994
Quick Fire Hydrangea (White/Lighr Pink)2 Gal29.9925
Red Ace Potentilla2 Gal24.993
Red Currant2 Gal29.995
Red Wing American Cranberry Bush2 Gal24.993
Rose Glow Japanese Barberry2 Gal29.9913
Royal Burgundy Barberry2 Gal29.992
Royal Burgundy Barberry5 Gal39.996
Russian Almond2 Gal24.992
Sandbar Willow2 Gal24.994
Savin Juniper2 Gal29.992
Sea Buckthorn5 Gal39.992
Sea Green Juniper2 gal29.995
Sensation French Lilac2 Gal29.995
Shining Willow2 Gal24.992
Shirobana Spirea2 Gal24.993
Shirobana Spirea2 Gal Bron24.9910
Snowmound Spirea5 Gal39.9910
Summer Wine Ninebark2 Gal Bron29.999
Sunsation Barberry5 Gal39.996
Sunsation Barberry2 Gal29.9922
Tiny Wine Gold Ninebark2 Gal29.9911
Tiny Wine Ninebark2 Gal Bron29.9912
Top Grafted Globe Spruce5 Gal129.993
Valentina Groundcover Raspberry1 Gal14.992
Valentine Cherry10 Gal149.995
Villosa Lilac2 Gal24.997
Wayfaring Tree2 Gal24.994
Wentworth Highbush Cranberry (White)2 Gal24.993
Western Sandcherry2 Gal24.992
Sunsation Barberry5 Gal39.997
Sunsation Barberry2 Gal29.9924
Tiny Wine Gold Ninebark2 Gal29.9912
Tiny Wine Ninebark2 Gal29.994
Tiny Wine Ninebark2 Gal Bron29.9913
Top Grafted Globe Spruce5 Gal129.993
Valentina Groundcover Raspberry1 Gal14.992
Villosa Lilac2 Gal24.999
Wayfaring Tree2 Gal24.994
Wentworth Highbush Cranberry (White)2 Gal24.993
Western Sandcherry2 Gal24.992
John Cabot Rose2 Gal29.992
Morden Blush Rose2 Gal29.992
Morden Centennial Rose2 Gal29.992
Rainbow Knock Out Rose2 Gal29.992
Chinook Rise Rose2 Gal29.992
Hansa Rose2 Gal29.992
Campfire Rose (Pink/Yellow/White)2 Gal29.993
Emily Carr Rose2 Gal29.993
Purple Pavement Rose2 Gal29.993
Henry Kelsey Rose2 Gal29.993
Champlain Rose2 Gal29.994
Morden Belle Rose2 Gal29.994
Winnipeg Parks Rose2 Gal29.994
Canadian Shield Rose2 Gal29.995
De Montarville Rose2 Gal29.995
Hope for Humanity Rose2 Gal29.995
Quadra Rose2 Gal29.997
Rugelda Rose (Yellow)2 Gal29.998
Bill Reid Rose (Yellow)2 Gal29.9911
Eagle Lake Anniversary Rose2 gal29.9918
Winnipeg Parks Rose2 Gal29.995
Blue Bird Clematis1 Gal19.992
Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle1 Gal14.996
Engelman Ivy1 Gal Bron14.993
Jackman Superba Clematis1 Gal19.998
Nelly Moser Clematis (Pale Pink)1 Gal19.997
Sapphire Indigo Clematis1 Gal Bron19.994
Ville De Lyon Clematis1 Gal19.993

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