• Casino Apricot (White)

    Prunus x DurGarfield Full sun, Zone 3 Prunus mandshurica x ‘DurGarfield’ Very hardy. Free-stone yellow fruit with a red blush, ripens in mid-summer. Good for canning/jams. Manchurian/Siberian apricot group. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Casino requires a second apricot of a different variety for cross pollination. Manchurian, Debbie’s Gold, Westcot, and Baker’s Gold are recommend.…

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  • Combo Apple

    COMBINATION APPLE Malus x ‘Combo’ These apples have 3 to 5 different varieties grafted onto one tree. Green foliage with white flowers in spring followed by edible apples ready in late summer-fall. Unique tree that offers a different flavors for all. One of our most popular apple trees. Requires well draining soil and can self-pollinate…

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  • Globe Blue Spruce Top Grafted

    Picea pungens Globosa Standard Top grafted Topiary form. Stem height 75-110 cm. Slow-growing dwarf globe-shaped form with intense blue needles. Accent or specimen evergreen. Height:  1.25m (4 FT.) Spread: 1.25m (4 FT.) Zone 2

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