Warranty and Return Policy

Tree and Shrub Warranty

We offer a warranty on our Trees and Shrubs to ensure our customers we are providing quality, healthy plant material. We will warranty our Trees and Shrubs for ONE YEAR from date of purchase or until June 15, if purchased in early spring. Warranty covers replacement of tree or shrub only. Planting and delivery are NOT included with warranty replacement. To redeem the warranty you must return the tree or shrub with the original receipt and plant tag and you will receive a ONE TIME replacement of equal value. There will be NO CASH REFUND for any plant material.

Our warranty covers: that our trees and shrubs will survive our climate and are of good quality and health when they are purchased from our garden center. We guarantee our plants will grow here when properly planted and maintained.

Excluded from Tree and Shrub Warranty

Warranty applies to Trees and Shrubs only (excludes boxwood and cedar varieties).

Warranty will be void under the following conditions:

  • Plant material is returned without the Garden Center receipt and the attached plant tag.
  • Any trees or shrubs purchased at a sale price, clearance or discount of equal to or greater than 20%.
  • Plant material not planted in the ground, (such as in planters or pots). Plastics pots must be removed before planting, with the exception of plant material purchased in fiber pots.
  • The plant is still alive but has suffered in appearance but will recover.
  • Negligence of care. Plant material deemed by Garden Scents to be improperly handled or planted (planting too deep or too shallow, planting in water and drowning, over watering or under watering)
  • Damage due to acts of nature. Severe weather events such as hail, wind, snow or frost.
  • Physical damages to plant material deemed by Garden Scents to be mechanical damage (such as trimmers) and/or damage to plant material at time of planting.
  • Damages caused by animals, insects or affected by disease after purchase.


All returns must have original receipt. The products being returned must be in original condition with original packaging. Returns of plants must be done with in 3 days of purchase and must be in good condition. Hard good returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. All returns must be done at the Garden Scents Garden Center Store.

Return of items purchased online must done within 14 days of original purchase. Customer must contact Garden Scents Garden Center to facilitate return. Items will be refunded via Garden Scents Garden Center online payment gateway.

There are NO returns on chemicals.

Hold Policy

Items can be held for a maximum 14 days with full payment and are non-refundable. Items not picked up after 14 days will be returned to stock.